Redress schemes for former child migrants

Australian National Redress Scheme

The Australian National Redress Scheme acknowledges that many children were sexually abused in Australian institutions. It recognises the suffering endured because of this abuse and holds institutions accountable.

An offer of redress can include:

  • a payment
  • counselling that is confidential and culturally safe
  • a direct personal response, such as an apology, from an institution.

Applicants can choose what parts of the redress offer they want to receive.

Former child migrants can apply to the National Redress Scheme by filling in a paper application form, or online. CMT can support you in your application: get in touch with us to find out more, here.

UK Payment Scheme for former British Child Migrants

The UK government has set up a payment scheme for former British child migrants who were separated from their families and sent overseas as part of the UK’s child migration programmes.

Full guidelines for this Scheme are available on the official website here.

Former Child Migrants who are within the eligibility criteria but have not contacted us previously should please contact us here so that we can register your details.

Please give your postal address and your date of birth. If you could also provide any details in relation to your migration – such as your age, and where you migrated from and to – it would be most helpful. This will ensure we can post the appropriate application form to you without delay.

Redress schemes in Northern Ireland and Scotland

There are also redress schemes open to those who were in care in either Scotland or Northern Ireland before being sent abroad as child migrants.

Support is available from our specialist staff to complete applications to these schemes.

Further information

Please contact us here for more information about any of these redress and payment schemes.