Honour the Apology

In February 2010, the British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, made a public apology on behalf of the country to Britain’s former Child Migrants and their families.

To all those former child migrants and their families… I say today that we are truly sorry they were let down. We are sorry that they were allowed to be sent away at the time they were most vulnerable. We are sorry that instead of caring for them, this country turned its back. And we are sorry that the voices of these children were not always heard and their cries for help not always heeded.

Today, we are campaigning for the UK government to honour the Apology.

We are calling for the Family Restoration Fund to be renewed on a more secure basis, enabling former child migrants to continue to travel and reunite with their families.

We are calling for a national memorial to the former child migrants and the families across Britain whose children were taken from them.

And we are calling for a public inquiry to discover the truth, at last, about the UK government’s role in the UK’s forced child migration programmes.

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