The Child Migrants Trust was founded in 1987 by its Director, Margaret Humphreys CBE, AO, to address the devastating impact of British child migration schemes.

CMT is the only independent, professional organisation working with former child migrants from all migrating agency backgrounds.

Child migration history

Britain is the only country in the world with a sustained history of child migration. Explore the story of forced child migration here.

Our history

Since its founding in 1987, the Child Migrants Trust has worked to address the devastating impact of British child migration schemes. Read more about our history here.

Our campaigns

CMT has a long history of campaigning for recognition, rights and reparation for Britain’s former child migrants. Follow our campaigns here.

Our people

Find out about our people, from founders, including senior managers to our Trustees.


The Trust firmly believes that every former Child Migrant should enjoy the same rights, responsibilities and opportunities as the vast majority of their fellow citizens.

This means that former Child Migrants need accurate information about their personal identity, their family and medical background. They should be fully informed about important matters like legal inheritance and citizenship, and have access to first class services, such as professional counselling to assist with recovery from damaging childhood experiences and for support with reunions and redress schemes.

The families of former Child Migrants also require a personal, skilled and professional service.


Many individuals and families have generously donated to maintain CMT’s services over the past three decades, and these gifts have been absolutely vital to the Trust’s survival.

As there is an urgent need to develop our services, we welcome further donations. To support our essential work, please donate here.

We also acknowledge and thank these organisations for funding CMT:

CMT funders: Australian Government Department of Social Services, Find & Connect, UK Department for Education, UK Department of Health & Social Care, Nottinghamshire County Council, Government of Western Australia Department of Communities, Lottery West